Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Ame Interview ahead of their appearance at mulletover's 7th Birthday

  • Ame interview 
  • Geddes catch up on booking Innervisions
  • Gerd Janson's no fit state mix revisited in anticipation of his set in Innervisions room
  • Still tickets left for the birthday in person from The Star & Phonica - never fear!

    Ahead of their Innervisions room @ our birthday, we caught up with Kristian from Ame to get his thoughts and opinions on a whole heap of things. Check below for the full in-depth interview. Want to know what to expect from a Mr Gerd Janson's set in the Innervisions? Well then, we can help you out there! Check his utterly superb mix he did for Geddes' no fit state party last year on our mixcloud and to the right. Below we've got a quick catch up with mulletover musical head honcho Geddes on his reasons for booking Innervisions...
  • Thought you'd missed out on our 7th Birthday celebrations? Think again! Word has reached us that both Phonica Records & indeeed The Star of Bethnal Green both have plenty of tickets left... don't be shy. Just cos they've sold out online doesn't neccessarily mean they're always all gone in person. Get yow ass down there, quick smart! Geddes, What inspired you to book Innervisions for the 7th Birthday?Dixon has been a favourite of mine for a while, I remember seeing him three or four years ago at sonar and he blew my mind.  Every occasion since he's always delivered, I really get what the guys are about.  As for Innervisons its something for us all to look up to. Top 3 Innervisions tracks/Ame/Dixon remixes?Top Innervisions track would be Ame 'Rej', was a defining moment in house music and the scene in London, everything went from being quite minimal to house.  It made people realise there was still music around with a 4/4 kick.  Best thing from Dixon for me is his edit of Romanthony 'Wanderer', an amazing record but the original still does it for me.  sorry Stefan :) Tell us a little bit about Gerd's set when he played @ your No Fit State party last year?Gerd is an amazing DJ, really diverse which is something I think people aren't to familiar with these days, goes from one tempo to another seamlessly.
    Ahead of their Room 2 Innervisions showcase we caught up with one half of Ame (Kristian) to find out his thoughts on hype, playing live and the classic tracks they wished they'd made.

    Where are you now and what are you doing?
    I am at home in berlin/kreuzberg going thru my daly mails as my 5 month old daughter finally fell asleep.
    For those living under a rock these last years, how long have you been DJing & producing and in five words how would you personally categorize your sound?Intense,sometimes odd,reflective,danceable and honest.
    Room 2 at the birthday will be an Innervisions showcase - you head up the label with alongside Frank & Dixon - anything special in store?I think parties where we get the opportunity to shape a whole night/atmosphere are always our best ones.
    When you are DJing, what’s priority number one for an Ame set?humorous,educational entertainment.
    You'll be playing live and DJing @ our birthday in April. What and how do you differentiate the two?the live set is limited timewise and consist only of own material which will be live played.a dj set is based on new and old records and give you the freedom to tell a longer story than the live performance.
    When you make music are you largely hardware traditionalists or are you comfortable working from a laptop?It's more a hybrid of both worlds as we have a huge stock of old analog hardware, but we alos like the new possibilities given by computer technology.
    You're based in Berlin, how important was the music scene & dance culture in Berlin to the music you make?As we live here only since last year the influence on our music production is marginal.on the other hands the experiences we made in clubs like panoramabar definitely had been a big inspiration.still now after a long set there on sunday you go back home with a big smile and drive for the working week.
    If there were one or two classic tracks by other artists that you wish you could have produced what would they be? What is it about those particular tracks that resonate with you?Anything from brian eno's solo material in the 70's plus the " pet sounds " by the beach boys as their stuff had been far out,innovative,but still pop music!
    Care to share any of the new Artists or labels that are grabbing your attention lately that must be heard on the dancefloor?I became a huge fan of the los angeles based band the Lucky Dragons and dancewise i think the guys from Och are worth being checked.
    When you've played a bunch of renowned global venues, would you still consider yourselves to be underground DJs?I mean besides tiesto the whole dance scene is still underground.
    I've been asked to ask you about your views on this "short set bulls**t that has permeated the scene of late." What are your views on this and do you think there's a reason for it?
    I dont see the sense in a 2 hour dj set or even less but a lot of promoters and clubs are booking three guests a night because they think they will get more customers which is most of the times wrong. nevertheless we are getting paid for our job and if the people want you to play that long i accept it.

    Obviously this is a hard task but can you pick your personal top 3 from the mighty fine Innervisions back catalogue?
    1.chateau flight " baroque "
    2.ame " rrose selavy "
    3.culoe de song " bright forest "

    mulletover's always strived to get the sound at it's nights spot on. Over recent years we've seen a more discerning club experience emerge with - most importantly - a renewed interest in sound systems from both clubbers and promoters. What are your favourite clubs/systems to play on at the moment?
    definitely club air in tokyo, yk in helsinki and panoramabar
    What makes a good party in your opinion?light,sound,people
    Your FACT mix from last month was utterly superb. There's even hints of opera creeping in halfway through. Does this signal a new direction for Ame?! :)

    We are always up for new directions and i am currently very much into ancient choir music:-)
    Innervisions operate under a subscription model where your fans can pay a yearly fee to get all their releases, special content etc. This is the mecca that many labels wish to get to but need that 'Critical Mass' (no pun intended) of fans to do so. So the question is really, for labels like them, is this model the only way forward?of course you need to have a ceratin fanbase but on the other hand we always think about new ways as we dont wanna blame somebody for the downfall of the music industry as we see it more as a time of change.
    Can we talk about the new currency of hype and making yourself future-proof?
    A hype is more short term thinking but of course you should think about the future and especially how to survive in this business without becoming a promotional clown.

    Following on from that, what would you do if you weren't doing music?If the music would stop now i think i would go back to university for art science, cultural studies or philosophy.
    I've been asked to ask you about the light and dark side of Berlin, as discussed by many locals. Can you shed any further, ahem... light on this for outsider/uninitiated?
    I love the town with all the good and the bad,but i can't see the dark side. only if we speak about the crucial history of the last century and this even makes you more respectful to what we got now. the winter could be cold too but i mean thats what a winter used to be some years ago,right?

    Can house music ever be innovative again or does time take its toll on a genre, i.e. there are only so many things you can do with it?
    If you consider house music as a base it could be an open source to make new influences but still most of the house music is too much a copy of the past and lost the future perspective.people like lone, james blake or maxmillion dunbar instead are showing us a new path which i rate very highly.

    Ame play live  and DJ at the Innervisions showcase in Room 2 @ mulletover's 7th birthday celebrations. Tickets are still available in person from The Star, E2 & Phonica Records, W1.

    Interview by Wil with a little help from MG & JG.