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Back 2 Basics take over room 3 @ our birthday... we examine the early history and a classic mix

Back 2 Basics takeover room 3 @ our birthday.

We're super excited to have Back 2 Basics... back at mulletover again to tear apart room 3 at the birthday next weekend. When they played the 3rd room at halloween 2009 it was pretty massive... to say the least. After doing a little delving, we've unearthed a really interesting little timeline of the club. We've listed the inaugural early years alongside an amazing and hugely rated Derrick Carter Cut the Crap mix for your ears. It's going to be big in their room next weekend... very big!


The first ever Back to Basics is held at The Music Factory. Leeds. Originally intended by partners Dave Beer and Alistair Cooke to be a small club where their mates could go and let their hair down as a kickback to the jaded acid house scene, it rapidly became a hugely popular night with massive amounts of people wanting to come in having heard its reputation as the best (and wildest) night out for miles around. Due to its success it moved from one to two to three floors.

BacktoBasics wins the inaugural Mixmag DMC club of the year Award.

Back to Basics moves to The Pleasure Rooms. Here we set up home and continued pushing the boundaries and causing mayhem, bringing in new talent and covering all styles of house - now household names such as Derrick Carter, Josh Wink, Danny Tenaglia, and DJ Sneak are brought over.


Cut The Crap opens at The Foundry, Coventry, spreading Basics¹ quality parties to another part of the country. Cut The Crap is a term born in Back to Basics - a no-nonsense way of partying and getting on with it (which often ends in nonsense!)

Cut The Crap, The Album, is released as a reaction to all the shit money grabbing commercial compilations which seem to have flooded the house scene. In the words of the Ronseal ads , it does exactly what it says on the tin. Featuring mixes by Ralph Lawson, Derrick Carter and Andrew Wetherall it gets listed by DJ Magazine 38th out of 100 in The Best Dance Compilations Ever.

Read the full timeline on Fantazia

Listen to the amazing Derrick Carter Cut the Crap mix recently re-brought to our attention by the excellent A Night With... Track down the Weatherall and Ralph Lawson ones off the same album too. They're equally brilliant.

Derrick Carter - Back To Basics - "Cut The Crap" 1995 by djmixes

Room 3 @ mulletover's 7th birthday – Back To Basics:
Adam Shelton
Tristan Da Cunha
James Holroyd

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